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What is FUROSCIX® (furosemide injection) for subcutaneous use?

FUROSCIX is a prescription medicine that treats congestion caused by fluid buildup in a person with heart failure. FUROSCIX is not for chronic use—after taking FUROSCIX, your care team will put you back on your normal oral diuretic as soon as possible.1

When you take FUROSCIX, it is important to follow the instructions your care team gives you.

Once prescribed, how do I get FUROSCIX?

When you are prescribed FUROSCIX, your prescription is sent by your care team to a specialty pharmacy called FUROSCIX Direct®. They will fill your prescription and deliver your medication to your home.

  1. Your care team sends your prescription to FUROSCIX Direct.
  2. FUROSCIX Direct calls you to confirm needed information.
  3. After you speak to FUROSCIX Direct and confirm details, your FUROSCIX prescription is delivered to your home.

FUROSCIX Direct will ship your medication kit right to you, often within 24 hours. It is important that you take the call from FUROSCIX Direct so there is no delay in filling your prescription. If you do not speak to a FUROSCIX Direct representative, your FUROSCIX prescription cannot be filled.

FUROSCIX Direct will make repeated attempts to reach you by phone, including texting you to let you know they will be calling shortly. Make sure to add 1-855-387-6724 to your mobile phone contacts so you do not miss the call.

You cannot get FUROSCIX from a retail pharmacy like Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart.

How often do I use FUROSCIX? Does this replace my oral diuretic?

FUROSCIX is not intended for chronic, long-term use. Your heart failure care team will determine how many doses you should use and when. Once your FUROSCIX treatment is complete, your care team will get you back on your oral diuretic.1

It’s important to stay aware of your fluid buildup symptoms. Make sure to note any new symptoms—or changes to ones you already have—and let your care team know right away. The earlier you let them know, the better chance you have to get at-home treatment with FUROSCIX.

How do I take FUROSCIX?

FUROSCIX is delivered into your body through a pre-programmed, one-time-use device that you wear on your stomach. Once you begin the infusion, the FUROSCIX device does everything you need to give you the right dose of your medication. It will deliver 80 mg of furosemide over a 5-hour period. You will receive 30 mg over the first hour then 12.5 mg per hour for the next 4 hours.1

It is important to read and understand the FUROSCIX Instructions For Use. That document is included in the FUROSCIX kit that will be delivered to your home.

Is FUROSCIX difficult for patients to apply and use themselves?

The team at FUROSCIX met with real patients to make sure the Instructions For Use are easy to understand. Almost every person understood the instructions and were able to correctly use the FUROSCIX device.2

Where on my body should FUROSCIX be placed?

The FUROSCIX device should be placed on the stomach on either side of the belly button. The site should be a flat area below the rib cage and above the belt line. The site should be hairless or nearly hairless. Do not select a site where the skin is irritated or broken. Do not apply lotions, oils, or ointments to the area of the stomach where the device will be placed. Do not select a site where belts, waistbands, or other types of clothing may rub against, disturb, or dislodge the device. Put the device on different sides of the stomach each time your care team tells you to use another dose of FUROSCIX.

What can I do during the 5 hours that I am wearing FUROSCIX?

During the 5 hours of treatment, you should limit your activity so that you do not bend enough to disturb or dislodge the device. Wearing the FUROSCIX device while riding in a car or flying in an airplane is not recommended. You should notice an increase in urine production about an hour after the infusion is started and may need to make frequent bathroom visits. Be sure you have easy access to a bathroom for up to 8 hours after starting the infusion. Do not let the FUROSCIX device get wet. Do not shower, bathe, swim, or do activities that may make you sweat while wearing the FUROSCIX device. It contains parts that should not get wet.

What should I do if I have extra doses of FUROSCIX?

You will likely be prescribed several doses of FUROSCIX at one time—however, you may not need all doses for treatment. Any doses you do not use can be stored for at least 9 months and up to 2 years, but check the expiration date on the package before use. Do not take the cartridge out of the carton until you are ready to use it. Keep FUROSCIX out of direct light.

Does FUROSCIX need to be refrigerated?

No, FUROSCIX should not be refrigerated. It should be stored at room temperature, between 68°F and 77°F (20°C and 25°C). For short periods of time, FUROSCIX can be exposed to temperatures between 59°F and 86°F (15°C and 30°C).

Is there a way to lower out-of-pocket costs for FUROSCIX?

Yes, FUROSCIX Direct offers services to lower out-of-pocket costs for eligible patients. These include co-pay support and patient assistance programs. A FUROSCIX Direct representative can provide more information on your options. Remember to ask them about the cost of FUROSCIX when they call to verify your information.