FUROSCIX can overcome your heart failure fluid buildup

Sometimes you may experience fluid buildup symptoms that worsen even though you are taking your daily oral diuretic.1,2,3 During these times, your heart failure care team may prescribe FUROSCIX.

FUROSCIX is an at-home treatment for fluid buildup associated with heart failure.1,4,5 It is not for chronic use or to replace your daily oral diuretic.4

FUROSCIX helps your kidneys remove extra fluid from your body by supplying a special formula of furosemide, a commonly used diuretic.1,4,6

FUROSCIX is designed to be used in the comfort of your home. It is easy to use with or without help from a caregiver.7

Stay on Top of Rising Fluid Levels

Make sure to note any new fluid buildup symptoms—or changes to ones you already have—and let your care team know right away. The earlier you let them know, the better chance you have to stay at home for treatment.

the FUROSCIX device


FUROSCIX has been shown to work just as well as IV furosemide in suitable patients, but it is delivered by a wearable device.1,4

FUROSCIX is not taken by mouth like a daily diuretic. It goes through the skin and into your bloodstream to quickly reset your body’s fluid levels. After taking FUROSCIX, your care team will put you back on your normal oral diuretic as soon as possible.1

FUROSCIX can cause you to lose excess water and electrolytes. Symptoms of excess water and electrolyte loss include dry mouth, increased thirst, muscle pains or cramps, decreased urine output or urine more yellow than normal, headache, dry skin, nausea, or vomiting. Your care team may check your electrolytes while you are receiving FUROSCIX.

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