It’s time for a different solution

FUROSCIX, a subcutaneous formulation of furosemide, can help overcome challenges in treating fluid overload:

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FUROSCIX delivers a fixed 80 mg of medication over 5 hours4:

  • 30 mg in the first hour
  • 12.5 mg per hour for the next 4 hours


Based on mean +/- SD 30-minute plasma concentration of 600 (± 209) ng/mL.1
SD=standard deviation.

FUROSCIX can be used from the earliest signs of fluid overload to worsening symptoms5

Consider FUROSCIX for appropriate patients who are experiencing fluid overload symptoms despite maintenance diuretic treatment

Some common symptoms include7




or lying down


mostly in the lower extremities and abdomen

FUROSCIX is indicated for the treatment of congestion due to fluid overload in adult patients with New York Heart Association (NYHA) Class II and Class III chronic heart failure.

FUROSCIX is not indicated for use in emergency situations or in patients with acute pulmonary edema.

FUROSCIX is not for chronic use and should be replaced with oral diuretics as soon as practical.

Early intervention

Encourage your patients to recognize and report symptoms of fluid overload as soon as they present. This allows you the opportunity to offer them earlier at-home symptom relief.

FUROSCIX was designed for ease of use at home

  • Delivered directly to patients’ homes as a complete, ready-to-use kit with pre-programmed On-Body Infusor and pre-filled cartridge
  • Minimal preparation is needed by patients or caregivers, and the On-Body Infusor functionality is easily understood
  • Each On-Body Infusor is single use
  • While using FUROSCIX, patients can perform many normal, at-home activities

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