While there is no cure, most people with heart failure can lead normal lives

Below are some helpful tips for staying on top of heart failure.

Stick to your care plan

Your heart failure care team will work with you to create the best plan for managing your heart failure.

Important things to do

  • Follow your heart failure care plan closely
  • Stay in touch with your care team
  • Do not miss your follow-up doctor visits

Get some exercise

Regular exercise is very important for people with heart failure. Work with your care team to decide what kinds of physical activities are safe for you.

Follow a healthy diet

Eating a well-balanced, heart-healthy diet can make a big difference in managing your heart failure. Do your best to eat foods that are low in salt, added sugars, and trans fats.

Lower your stress

Keeping up with activities you enjoy is a great way to help manage your stress levels. Meditation and exercise are two things that can help.

Watch for new or changed symptoms

Make sure to note any new heart failure symptoms—or changes to ones you already have—and let your healthcare provider know right away. The earlier you let your care team know, the better chance you have to stay at home for treatment.

Symptoms of Fluid Buildup With Heart Failure1

Rapid weight gain

Shortness of breath

during activity

Trouble sleeping

or discomfort when lying down


mostly in the feet, ankles, legs, fingers, and stomach area
Download the heart failure fluid buildup symptom tracker


Sometimes, heart failure fluid buildup can happen even when you are doing your best to stay healthy.2,3,4 It can even be hard to know if your fluid buildup symptoms are related to heart failure. It is important to talk to your heart failure care team as soon as you notice any signs of fluid buildup just to make sure.

If your care team decides your symptoms are related to your heart failure, they may recommend a treatment option that allows you to stay at home.

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